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Welcome again to Anvay Maritime Institute, आपका अपना ब्लॉग

Hello my Sailor Friends, 

Welcome again to Anvay Maritime Institute, आपका अपना ब्लॉग..... 

दोस्तो, Deck dept aur engine dept. Merchant navy के एक ही गाडी के दो टायर हैं l दोनो में क्या फर्क हैं ये तो हमने देखा, चलो आज जानते हैं,What is merchant navy uniform like? Do they have to wear the uniform all the time? 

Merchant navy officers mainly wear a white shirt and black trousers, along with epaulettes according to the rank on the ship. The uniform is accompanied with black formal shoes and a pullover or sweatshirt during cold climate condition. The cap (P-cap) is a black hood with a white top having an anchor symbol.

However, while working on ships, the crew usually wears a boiler suit along with personal protective equipment (PPE). The personal protective equipment will change according to the type of ship and kind of work that is to be performed.

Officers are supposed to wear the uniform when on the ship’s bridge, mess room or as asked by the ship’s captain.

Needless to say, the merchant navy uniform is of great importance and pride and maritime professionals are required to keep the uniform up-to-date and clean at all times.

 Good bye for now. Stay home, Stay safe and fight against COVID 19.

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